Betta Fish Care: How to take care of betta fish

3. Do betta fish need filters?

Do betta fish need filters?

Do betta fish need filters?

Betta fish can often survive without a filter… however, that does not mean that they should be kept in those conditions! Our recommendation is to always install a suitably sized filter in any betta fish tank.

A filter doesn’t just remove debris such as uneaten food from the water, it will also become home to a colony of “good bacteria” that will turn harmful chemicals in the water into less harmful chemicals that won’t hurt your fish!

The process described above is called “cycling” a tank and we strongly recommend that all fish keepers learn about the cycling process.

Finally, it’s important to only ever wash your filter in water from the tank. Never was your filter in tap water, as this will kill all of the good bacteria!

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