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8. What to do if your betta fish fight each other

Betta fish fighting

What to do if your betta fish fight each other

When two male bettas view each other as a threat and are preparing to fight, they will puff up their gills, deepen in color, and deliberately display their fins and tail in all their glory in an attempt to intimidate the other fish.

If you wish to see what your male betta looks like in threat display without risking their health, you can hold a mirror up to the outside of the tank. When your male sees his own reflection, he will think it is another male and display his fighting stance!

If you have betta fish that are fighting each other then you have the following options:

1. Separate the fish into different tanks
2. Purchase a tank divider to split your existing tank into two self-contained spaces
3. If your tank has plenty of space then adding some plants and caves may stop the fish from fighting, as they will be able to claim their own territory.
4. If your tank is small then purchasing a larger tank – ideally with caves and plants added – may help stop the fighting

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