Betta Fish Care: How to take care of betta fish

9. Breeding betta fish

How to breed betta fish

Breeding betta fish

In order to successfully breed your betta fish, it is important to condition your bettas to encourage the female to lay her eggs and the male to fertilize them. To do this, you should feed your fish plenty of high protein foods such as bloodworms and daphnia.

You should also place your male and chosen female in separate parts of a partitioned tank where they can’t get to each other but can see each other.

The male betta should then begin to build a bubble nest, and the male and female fish will “flare” at each other, displaying their full size and color as a prelude to breeding.

When both fish are ready, bring them together and expect lots more flaring, chasing, and possibly even what appears to be aggressive behavior between the two fish.

Ultimately, the male fish will wrap himself around the female to squeeze the eggs out of her, while fertilizing them at the same time. Once this is completed, the female fish will float to the top of the tank and the male to the bottom before the male, and sometimes the female too, begin to move the fertilized eggs to the bubble nest.

This can take a few hours to complete, and when it is done, the male will guard the nest, chasing the female away from it.

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9. Breeding betta fish

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