Betta Fish For Sale: How to Buy Betta Fish

Betta fish for sale

You will easily find various species of betta fish for sale in aquatic retailers that deal in tropical fish. However, when buying bettas, it is important to know what to look for in a healthy fish, and to seek out the best places with betta fish for sale, rather than simply visiting the nearest pet store.

In this article, we will offer some advice on the best places to buy betta fish, and what to look for in a healthy betta.

Where to buy betta fish

If you simply wish to add some betta fish to a community tank or start off a betta tank with no future plans to breed your fish, you should be able to buy them relatively easily from pet stores, aquatic retailers and sometimes, other fish keepers.

However, if you wish to breed from your fish or are looking for highly distinctive, top quality specimens, you may have to look more carefully!

Bettas for breeding should be relatively young, and the most vibrant and ideal specimens are unlikely to sold openly within hobbyist pet stores. You may have to order online from a specialist breeder, or join a betta enthusiasts club and enquire about bettas for sale for breeding or showing purposes.

What to look for when buying betta fish

Obviously you will want to ensure that any bettas you buy are healthy, so it is important to know what to look for when purchasing betta fish.

First of all, don’t buy a betta, even one that looks healthy, from a tank that appears to be overcrowded, or that contains any fish that look unhealthy. Check the general cleanliness and quality of the condition of the tank too. This will give you the best chance of picking a fish that will not prove to be sickly when you get it home.

Look carefully at the fish that you are considering and discount any fish that have ragged or damaged fins and tails, as this can indicate a stressed fish or even one that is unwell.

The fish that you seriously consider should be relatively active, swimming normally, and not appear uncomfortable, hurt or hunched up.

Look closely at the fish to see if you can identify the signs of any parasites or diseases, such as fin rot, white spot or ich. If the fish appear to be healthy and they are sharing their tank with other healthy fish, you should be good to go!


Even if you are as confident as you can be that the fish you have brought home are healthy, it is important to quarantine them for 14 days before introducing them into your main tank. This ensures that no illnesses or diseases that the fish may be harboring will be introduced to your main tank.

If the fish seems unwell or appears to be harboring parasites within the first 14 days, return them to the seller, and consider buying from elsewhere. There is a strong possibility that other fish within the store will also have contracted the same health problems.