Can Betta Fish Live in a Bowl?

It’s not uncommon to see betta fish being kept in very small bottles or jars. This doesn’t make it the right thing to do. Many people assume that because bettas are adapted to living in shallow puddles in paddy fields in the wild, that these are the conditions they should be kept in. This isn’t […]

Can Betta Fish Live With Other Fish?

We should start by saying that betta fish can live perfectly happily on their own. They are not shoal fish and are happy with their own company. It’s also important to say that some betta fish will need to be kept alone, as they may attack any other fish in their tank. However, if you […]

Do Betta Fish Get Lonely?

If you’ve just welcomed a betta fish into your home, you may be worried that it looks lonely on its own in the tank. Human beings are usually sociable so we often worry when our pets are housed on their own. What you need to remember is that bettas are not shoaling fish; they enjoy being alone. […]

Keeping Betta Fish With Other Fish

Because the male Siamese fighting fish has a reputation for being somewhat aggressive, fish keepers often conclude that they cannot keep bettas with any other fish. However, providing that you pick your tank mates carefully and do your research in advance, this is by no means the case. Most bettas can be kept perfectly happily […]

Betta Fish Tanks: How to Keep Betta Fish

The most commonly know type of betta fish is the Siamese fighting fish, but there are actually over 60 types of fish that fall into the betta species category. However, they all have many things in common and all betta fish tanks have similar set up and care requirements. Bettas are fairly flexible in terms […]