Keeping Betta Fish With Other Fish

Keeping betta fish with other fish

Because the male Siamese fighting fish has a reputation for being somewhat aggressive, fish keepers often conclude that they cannot keep bettas with any other fish. However, providing that you pick your tank mates carefully and do your research in … [Continue reading]

Betta Fish Diseases

Betta fish diseases

Just as with all freshwater aquarium fish, bettas can potentially contract a variety of ailments and diseases that may affect their health. Knowing how to identify these diseases and what to do about them is important for any betta fish keeper. In … [Continue reading]

Betta Fish Fighting

Betta fish fighting

The betta fish is often better known as the Siamese fighting fish, so it’s not surprising that many fish keepers worry about their betta fish fighting! However, while it's true that males of the species are often aggressive with other males, the … [Continue reading]

Betta Fish For Sale: How to Buy Betta Fish

Betta fish for sale

You will easily find various species of betta fish for sale in aquatic retailers that deal in tropical fish. However, when buying bettas, it is important to know what to look for in a healthy fish, and to seek out the best places with betta fish for … [Continue reading]

Betta Fish Tanks: How to Keep Betta Fish

Betta fish tanks

The most commonly know type of betta fish is the Siamese fighting fish, but there are actually over 60 types of fish that fall into the betta species category. However, they all have many things in common and all betta fish tanks have similar set up … [Continue reading]

How Long Do Betta Fish Live?

How long do betta fish live?

As with other small aquarium fish, people often assume that the lifespan of the betta fish is rather short, and that their fish will only survive for a year or two. But is this true? How long do betta fish live? In this article, we will discuss … [Continue reading]